The Seeds of Change

The Seeds of Change

While browsing the tv menu, looking to be educated and not entertained, I stumbled upon this documentary/talk by Vandana Shiva called The Seeds of Change. I am glad that I chose to turn it on because she talks about GMO crops and how to get away from it and turn to a more sustainable future for our future generations. She makes a number of valid points related to the presence of monopolies *cough*monsanto*cough* that are trying to promote GMO seeds as BT crops as the right ones in order to increase yield and provide for our future, when in reality they do just the opposite.

I have never heard of her until now, but Vandana Shiva is an environmental activist and philosopher who is passionate about these issues ever since she her youth. Her website Navdanya, which means Nine Seeds. It helps inform people about GMO issues from a news source other than that reported by Monsanto.

Coming to California, I have had the opportunity to learn about agriculture and farm animal production. As a result, genetic modified organisms did not make me think twice. We studied their benefits and how you create a GMO, and everything about them seemed really positive. Increase yield, increase resistance to disease, can select certain characteristics you like to perpetuate in the species. Everything seemed positive, and I don’t recall anything negative being said about GMOs. It’s just interesting and an eye opener to hear the other side, especially when it comes to the suppression of individual farmers. I am definitely not a fan of bigger is better, something that America seems to embrace with open arms! The talk by Shiva is one I recommend everyone to watch. I think it’s important to realize where your food is coming from, and the steps certain organizations will take to stay in power, many times at the expense of human lives.

Just some food for thought for whomever is reading my blog : )