Chouquettes: Bringing a Little Bit of France into Your Home

Chouquettes: Bringing a Little Bit of France into Your Home

The other day I turned on the Cooking channel and watched The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo. I have to say, currently, this has become one of my favorite cooking shows. What’s not to love…Paris, French cuisine with a twist, and food! J’adore Paris. It is a city where I can definitely see myself living, speaking French, and having a cafe & pastry at a cafe while looking at the passersby.

One of the featured pastries she was baking was the chouquette. It is a simply divine baked good made from choux pastry and sprinkled with powdered sugar, pearl sugar, chocolate chips, and sometimes even filled with custard. Watching Rachel make the chouquettes reminded me of last summer when I was in Paris. I remember the smells of fresh baked goods, early in the morning, wafting through the street, enticing me. I had to go into the patisserie and enjoy some. I still remember trying my first chouquette, fresh, straight out of the oven. Warm, delicious, and mmmhmmm melted in your mouth.

That little reminiscence decided it; I had to make them myself! Bring a little bit of France to my kitchen. : )

The recipe was fairly simple; I converted it to US measurements, and since I couldn’t find the nibbed sugar she used as a topping, I just used icing sugar & chocolate chips to sweeten the pastry.


Look at this delicious pastry, fresh out the oven. You can only imagine the smell that permeated from my kitchen.