Just in Time for Your Christmas Meal: Persimmon Pudding

Just in Time for Your Christmas Meal: Persimmon Pudding

‘Tis the season for persimmons falalalalaaaa lalaaala

Persimmons are a delicious, edible fruit that seem to be relatively unknown in the United States. There are two kinds astringent or non-astringent, and the variety I purchased was the non-astringent fuyu version. They are less astringent and lose their tannic quality as they ripen, making them palatable. They are in season from late October to December, which is why they are currently sold in grocery stores. They strikingly resemble tomatoes, but don’t worry, taste nothing like it! When ripened, the fruit is sweet, almost custard like.


A word of caution, if they are not fully ripened, they do have a bitter, mealy taste to them, which leaves little to be desired. A good way to tell when they can be eaten is by their color (change from orange to red) and cracking skins.
Growing up, they were a common sight in my home, and since I haven’t had it in a while I decided to purchase some, and what better way to eat it than in a dessert?!

I scoured my foodgawker iphone app (a godsend, I tell you!) for an appropriate app, and found the perfect one: a vintage Persimmon Pudding & Hard Sauce recipe made by Boulder Locavore’s Grandmother! I love English puddings, they are so dense, and have an intense nutty flavor to them. Putting some persimmons into the mix could only mean a good outcome : ) I am not afraid to explore and try new recipes even though it sometimes means you could end up with a disaster. While, that has happened before, it wasn’t the case with this recipe!

In the UK, Hard Sauce is associated with Xmas/New Years desserts and is made by creaming butter, and sugar with alcohols like rum, or brandy. It is best served cold and accompanies hot desserts such as puddings, pies or cakes.

Persimmon Pudding with Hard Sauce